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    Holo Construction News
    Mar 11 th, 2017
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    Holoconstruction – Bid Award and Start Jobs

    Bid Award and Start Jobs

    Holoconstruction is the number 1 builders bidding portal in the UK, Ragister now to bid for jobs award to professionals.

    Our Fees

    Our Fees

    About bid packs

    To express interest in a job, you are required to bid on that particular job. Builders and other experts will be given free bids until they have used up all their free bids and are then required to purchase bid packs.

    How much will I pay for a bid pack?

    1 pound per bid

    2 pounds for 4 bids

    3 pounds for 5 bids

    5pounds for 10 bids

    8 pounds for 20 bids

    13 pounds for 40 bids

    21 pounds for 80 bids

    34 pounds for 160 bids

    55 pounds for 320 bids

    Are there any membership or joining fees?

    HoloConstruction does not charge a membership or joining fee.